A Little Bit of Wedding Photography

Sometimes my photography journey lands me in a position to photograph a wedding. I don’t really advertise it, but weddings are something I enjoy doing from time to time. This bride and groom met with me to potentially do their wedding video, then somehow I ended up as their photographer. Also, because of my ignorance of the governance of the State of Kansas, I didn’t know until the week before that the wedding was at the Governors Mansion.


The day started with Nicole (my wife) returning to the photography game and photographing the groom getting ready at the Oread Hotel in Lawrence. This image looks like one of those debates all weddings have between the suit wearing people. Which buttons do you button?


Like all good weddings, this one had a lot of people in it that were close friends to the bride and groom. The officiant being one of those friends, got ready with the groomsmen but really just spent most of his time practicing for the ceremony.

While Nicole captured the groom, I traveled to Topeka to witness the bride and her attendants getting ready. Here is one of the brides mother peaking at her daughter while someone helps her with a bracelet.


Flower girl antics, dress hanging dilemmas, jokes with friends and a mad dash to get the vows written were all part of the morning. The vows were revised by both the bride, maid of honor and mother of the bride. Team effort always wins.


That’s about the time that Nicole joined me in Topeka. The rest of these images are mix of ours.


I like to think that this look is the look of every bride who is having a staged just for photos moment with her mother. I’d also like to point out that this staged moment was not instigated by the photographers. I have some ethics left in my heart.


The waiting before a ceremony is one of my favorite parts of the day. As a videographer, I’m often rushing around trying to figure out how to deal with all the tech needed to capture the ceremony during this time. As a photographer I get to relax into it and cover two people holding flowers, brides practicing their vows, adjusting dads tie and waiting to walk down the stairs.

Also, no you are not going crazy. Every woman in the bridal party is wearing white.

It rained the day of the wedding. What was supposed to be an outdoor yard party moved inside. The inside space didn’t have room for all the guests to sit, so they stood where they could. The cramped space made it hard to get a multiple of approaches to the ceremony, but it didn’t really matter.


Probably my most favorite part of the wedding day is the moment right after the recessional. Emotion and hugs. What could be better?


Obligatory Creative Portrait


Then what better way to tell your guests that the ceremony is over and the fun is going to begin than by having a marching band entertain them. This band from Topeka High rocked it out. A lot of the wedding guests had attended that high school, which made it a bit more touching.


Then the level was brought down a notch for speeches and dinner.


Too be honest, once I get to the reception it all becomes just a photographic blur. I imagine this is much like the memories of everyone who attends a wedding. Receptions are fast and furious physical poetry. A mass of awesome that can’t be contained by words or even images. Although we try.


Then the end comes and you try to not be burned by the sparklers.

and you savor the moment before you have to get on the bus or in your car and return to the real world the next day. Thank you Kathleen and Mathias for the opportunity to document your nuptial celebration.