March for our Lives KC

Saturday, March 24th, 2018. Theis Park, Kansas City, Missouri.

It was a cold morning. Forty-five degrees felt like a deeper winter after a few weeks of spring-like temperatures. The student organizers gathered early to rehearse their program and wait for kindred souls to arrive. Later, we found out that there were near six thousand of those souls to honor, mourn and acknowledge the loss of life; demand action from their government and solidify the bond that tragedy will bring.  

This is my witness of the day. The images cannot tell you how inspiring it was to be there, immersed in the soup of reality and humanity that spilled forth from this event. Poetry was abundant both on stage, behind stage, and in the hearts of those who shared it with me. 

Click play on the audio clip and take your time looking at the images. Meditate on what it is to exist in the world we live in today. Think about how you can make change. Change so our sons and daughters can come together and forge friendships over anything else but the loss of their peers to senseless violence.