Brandon Parigo, photographer, father, husband, writer and filmmaker, was born in Kansas City Missouri in 1977. After graduating from the Seattle Film Institute in 2003, he studied video production while writing, making films and learning photography. In 2006 his wife and he started Parigo Studios, a portrait and wedding photography company that continues to this day. In 2010, he began wedding filmmaking exclusively until obtaining the Photographer position at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2016.

Brandon's reason for being a photographer is simple. We are not permanent. Photography gives him the hope that the people in his photographs will transcend time. He gives the potential of immortality and an understanding of the past that would be impossible without photography. Through this process he finds his own humanity. Witnessing the stories of people reaffirms the belief that we are all connected and all worth of love.

When not photographing for UMKC, Brandon practices his craft for commercial and personal clients as well as creating fine art photography. His background in video production allows him to anticipate new ways to use traditional media while being true to his documentary roots.

He believes it all comes down to family. When he thinks of his family it reaffirms his dedication to the work. When his first daughter was born he found his calling in life and realized how important connecting our lives through photography can be. It is a bridge that connects generations.

Brandon Parigo
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