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About Brandon

I love learning about you. Your life, loves, struggles, and goals. Despite being shy at heart, I tend to babble once you get me talking. I find I mostly talk about myself, my wife or my daughters because I am intrigued by family, history and watching life happen. I find that if people share more about themselves, a window opens for others to relate. My hope is that by sharing more we all feel more connected together as a community. When we share what makes us human, we can all relate and be whole.

That connection is also one of the key reasons I create. I believe that by being as honest as I can be in my storytelling I am doing a great service to you; providing you with a document that will not only cause you to remember, but also illuminate who you are for generations to come.

A Kansas City Story

A Kansas City Story is a personal as well as a community project. I wanted to go out and explore my community with my camera and tell some honest stories from the individuals in my frame. I enter the life of my subject for a day and simply show what they reveal to me. When I say that I believe everyone has a story that is worth telling, I feel that in my heart.

These are primarily still photography multimedia stories; using photography as the primary media but enhancing it with video and audio elements. This has been a personal project that is beginning to include the work of other photographers and hopefully will include many more local content creators in time.

Click the link to the left to find out more about A Kansas City Story.

A full documentary film gallery is coming soon.

Documentary Films

I never thought I would return to commercial video production after so many years in that field. Life has a way of changing your mind. Working closely with so many families has taught me many lessons about how to honestly capture what is important and use it for many different applications. My recent documentaries reunite my old profession with my new.

I may be making a film for a cause, or a company, but my films do not exist only to sell a cause or a product. All of my work, even commercial and promotional films has to have a human element to them or I haven’t done my job.


Wedding videography has come a long way in recent years. For one thing, as an engaged couple, you have more choices than ever when choosing the style of your wedding video. My core ideal is that your wedding day is not about the photography or the wedding videography. Your wedding day is about people. You and your people. This belief coupled with my desire to make wedding films that communicate through the ages, dictates my photojournalistic style in capturing your day.

If you ask any bride and groom what they remember most about their wedding day it is rarely the staged event. It is almost always an unplanned moment. That is what I shoot for. The moments that when added together communicate through time who you were and what it felt like to be you on that day. That type of wedding videography never goes out of style.

That unique storytelling is the goal of all my wedding films. For more information about that style visit me over at Wirken Photography. I’m partnered with some really great photographers who share these thoughts with me about how wedding days should be captured.

To see more of my wedding video work you can check out my the Wirken Vimeo page.

Wedding and Family Photography is something I have been doing for awhile. I’ve been a Kansas City wedding photographer longer than I’ve been a Kansas City wedding videographer.

To see more of my wedding and family work check out Parigo Studios, where my wife and I have been doing our thing since 2006.

You may also click the image to the left to go to a small sample gallery of my work with families and at weddings.


I love to talk, to learn and to share what I have learned. Feel free at anytime to reach out to me for any reason, like hiring me for your wedding, documentary or even freelance video work. You can even just drop me a line to talk about the latest T.V. show you have been watching. I’m open to anything!

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